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S1 Screen Solution | ES2 Integrated Screen


S1E Sliding Flyscreen Solution


The S1E Eco-Screen from Centor Architectural is a revolutionary product providing eco-friendly retractable insect screening and solar control with fingertip operation. This product is the evolution of Centor's award-winning S1 Insect Screen.


S1E Flyscreen
The S1E allows homeowners to have complete control of their living environment. It retracts horizontally and discreetly into its frame when not in use and is a revolutionary solution for those who refuse to compromise on style.

On openings up to 3.9m wide, both single and multi-function options are available. Where a single function is required, you can choose an insect screen or solar control blind. For a multi-function option, select insect screening and solar control blind to create a two-in-one screening solution.

For openings wider than 3.9m and up to 7.6m wide, choose one material only - either mesh or solar control blind.

The solar control blind doubles as a projection screen for either indoor or outdoor viewing. Mechanisms within the system enable the blind to be left partially open, allowing visitors to pass through the door way without the hassle of opening and closing the blind.


S1E Flyscreen Projector Screen
The clever design of the S1E Eco-Screen complements any large opening. Available in a clear anodised finish, custom colours and real wood veneers, it contains a range of innovations, ensuring the whole package functions simply and smoothly.

Load Balancing Technology
Load Balancing Technology (LBT) (patent pending) allows for the effortless fingertip control. With no crude spring-loading to fight against, the screen's lead-stile remains firmly in any chosen position until further pressure is applied. Load-balancing also means far greater tension across the screen or blind, eliminating any tendency for sag.

Tight Technology
Tight Technology manufacturing techniques ensure control of the horizontal edges of the screen so they remain straight and tight across the widest spans.

Shock Absorption
In the majority of cases the shock absorption mechanism prevents system damage by redirecting impact away from the screen.

Self-Feeding Mechanism
Should winds blow the screen out of the top or bottom channels the fabric will self-feed back onto the roll.

Flyscreen Child Proof and Pet Proof


For more information about the S1E Flyscreen or to obtain a quote, please call 03 9466 4880.


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S1 Screen Solution | ES2 Integrated Screen

S1E Brochure


Single Function System

Opt 1 - screen from right or left
Opt 2 - blind from right or left



Maximum frame sizes

Combined Screen & Blind:  3m x 3.7m

Double Screen or Double Blind:  3m x 7.4m


Double System

Opt 1 - screen from right and left
Opt 2 - blind from right and left

Multi-Function System

Op1 - screen from right, blind from left1 - screen from right, blind from left
Opt 2 - screen from left, blind from right



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