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Al Fresco living is growing at an astonishing rate here in Australia. Families are discovering the benefits of opening their living rooms to the great outdoors and enjoying the wonderful cafe atmosphere.

The signs are emerging that the US market is learning the same thing. However, the timbers and construction methods used in Australia are often superior to those in other markets and the prices are substantially lower (often less than half those quoted in the US). This presents an excellent opportunity for door sellers throughout the US, selling well-made, long-lasting Australian Bi-Fold Units.
Why are our doors so good?

Our doors are only made using premium quality Australian Hardwoods and award-winning Centor hardware. Our native hardwood timbers have adapted over thousands of years to Australia's harsh weather extremes of temperature and humidity. We get it all here, burning dry heat, soaking humidity and biting frosts.

An abundance of native timber also ensures the correct natural drying time, which guarantees stability and longevity. A lot of timber is rushed through the drying process these days, which tends to make them far less stable and liable to shrinkage and twisting.

Multiple Configurations

We know that flexibility is important in the door industry, so we've made it easy for you to extract the maximum revenue from your Australian-made Bi-Folds. We can supply your store in any of the following configurations:

  • Flat-packed for DIY customers

  • Fully assembled, ready to install

  • With glass fitted or without glass

  • Made to your exact measurements or in standard sizes

  • Frames can be loose or pre-assembled

  • Doors supplied loose or pre-hung

  • Accessories attached or packed separately

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We only use premium-grade Vic Ash Hardwood.

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